Beyond Bitcoin: How Developers are Helping Traditional Banks Modernize

Bitcoin and blockchain tend to grab headlines in the world of banking. Cryptocurrency is the poster child of “disruptive technology” in the traditionally slow-moving finance industry. But, there are other areas where developers and software engineers must update business-as-usual in banking in order to survive.   According to one survey,

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5 Lessons You’ll Learn When Looking For Startup Funding

Starting a business is a lot like being a student because every step in the process brings with it a new lesson. That’s especially true when you look for startup funding to get your business off the ground. You’ll learn a great deal about where and how to look for money —

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5 Trends in Fintech Developers Need to Know

Fintech has become globally mainstream, with 64% of consumers adopting some sort of behavior that fuses technology with financial services. As the market becomes more mature, so do the challenges facing fintech institutions. This year has brought new trends in improving security, big innovations in mobile banking, and the widespread

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