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Adel Jodalah

Radix Technologies
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CEO of Radix Technologies Startup

The evolution of technology is changing the way the world works. Transforming the way people connect, interact and especially how industries conduct their business. To put it briefly, technology has become a dominant presence in our daily lives. To address the growing needs of the industrial world, startups have been developing innovative tech based solutions and creating powerful tools to meet the ever growing needs of consumers.

One such Palestinian that is developing the most innovative and in demand technologies is Adel Jodalah. With a background in Computer Science from Al-Najah University and over nine years’ experience in mobile development, Nablus based Adel founded Radix Technologies in 2015. Radix Technologies is an outsourcing company that provides IT solutions including, software development, BPO services, turnkey solutions and ITO projects, based on their customers’ needs, Adel explains, “At Radix Technologies, we work towards mobile and web solutions development as well as custom solutions development, and in our capacity as an outsourcing company to address any IT concerns our clients might face." He continues, “We are currently focusing on cloud development and blockchain technologies, which is at the moment some of the most in demand technology worldwide.”

Radix Technologies consists of a team of 10 senior technical officers including a dedicated group of mobile and cloud developers. The main problem which the market faces is the lack of IT professionals that are trained in the newest technologies including blockchain and cloud as well as web development, Adel says, “Usually companies are specialized in a specific technology and divert all their resources into it. On the other hand, we have a team of professionals that are experienced in the latest in demand technologies to offer clients strategic tech solutions.”

Radix Technologies currently targets companies and businesses on an international scale, such as development and product organization companies, “These types of companies are important for us because they are interested in forming consistent and long-lasting relationships with their ITOs, it allows us to continue to develop our services and professional portfolio.” Radix Technologies client list consists of international companies that they have developed strong professional relationships with by offering the best tech solutions in the market.

With strategic investments and support, Radix Technologies will be able to continue to optimize their services to maintain their clients and reach new markets. Furthermore, investing in big-budget marketing campaigns as well as technical trainings in the latest tech developments will allow Radix Technologies to expand the professional capacities of their team. Adel explains how the main issue companies and businesses are facing is access to new markets on a global scale, which increases the demand for highly trained IT professionals competent in the latest technologies, “In order to stay current and keep up with demand, we need to offer trainings to enhance our team’s capacities to adapt and apply the newest innovations in the tech world.” Within the next few years, Adel seeks to acquire more than 50 new clients and enhance their specialization in blockchain technologies which require long term commitments from clients.

In terms of impact, Adel believes as the company continues to sustainably grow and keep up with the latest tech trends, Radix Technologies will positively contribute to the evolution of the Palestinian tech industry. Finally, Adel says, “We are one of the early starting Palestinian companies that are currently working on cloud development and blockchain technologies, we have the most experienced and qualified team in the area.”  He adds, “Not only has Radix Technologies created jobs for tech specialists, we also provide Palestinian graduates with trainings to equip them with the practical skills they need to succeed in this industry.”


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